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Showcase Your Crafts and Wares at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival

Join a Tapestry of Talent in a World of Enchantment

Medieval carpenter working at market stall at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival.

Craft Your Future at Dragonstone Springs

The Arkansas Renaissance Festival invites artisans, merchants, and craftsmen to become an integral part of our grand spectacle. Our festival is more than just an event; it’s a vibrant community where history and creativity converge to create a unique experience for thousands of visitors.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our festival, and we believe that your unique talents deserve a grand stage. As a vendor at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival, you’ll find not just an opportunity to showcase your goods, but a chance to immerse yourself in a world where the past and present coexist in perfect harmony.

Showcase Your Goods at a Marketplace Like No Other

Become a marketplace merchant at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival and share your wares and craftsmanship with a captivated audience. Join our bustling marketplace, where treasures from days of yore await discovery. This is your chance to be part of an extraordinary event and introduce your creations to a world of enthusiasts.

Teenage pirate cosplayer examines replica sword at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival.

Showcase Your Creations

Present your handcrafted goods to a diverse and enthusiastic audience, giving your craftsmanship the spotlight it deserves.

Men dressed as pirates prepare a cannon on a pirate ship at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival.

Community and Camaraderie

Become part of a passionate community of artisans, craftsmen, and performers, creating an atmosphere of mutual support and celebration.

A man and woman dressed as pirates smile for the camera in a shop at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival.

Unique Marketplace

Set up shop in a marketplace that transports visitors to the heart of the Renaissance, providing a unique backdrop for your offerings.

A gold necklace with an orange stone lays on top of a pale yellow medieval corset top.

Direct Sales

Interact directly with customers who share a love for all things Renaissance, increasing the potential for sales and customer loyalty.

A boy and a girl unsheathe a replica dagger they picked up off a picnic table in a pavilion at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival.

Promotion and Marketing

Benefit from our festival's marketing efforts to attract a wide and engaged audience to your booth.

If you are interested in having us showcase any of your items on our social media, please contact Tanis at tanis@arrenfest.com. Provide us with the pictures and any copy you would like us to include, as well as a direct link to your social media pages.

We Have a Vendor Facebook Group!

If you are not a member and would like to join, please email Tanis at tanis@arrenfest.com, and she will add you.

How to Get Started

Explore Opportunities

Browse our available vendor positions and select the one that best suits your goods and craft.


Complete and submit the vendor application form, providing information about your offerings.


Our team will review your application and get in touch to discuss further details.

Prepare for the Festival

Once accepted, prepare your booth and merchandise for the festival’s opening day.

Preparation Tips

Be sure to promote your attendance and encourage ticket purchases online ASAP!


Set up shop at the Arkansas Renaissance Festival, immerse yourself in the atmosphere, and start sharing your crafts and wares.

Benefits and Requirements of Being a Vendor:

Password for the zoom link, Vendors2024!

“Pop-Up” Tent Policy.

If you plan on using a tent next year, ensure it complies with our guidelines.
Non-compliant setups risk refusal or placement in the travel camp without refunds.

Important Information About Building

If you are building, the 2024 fees for frontage and for square feet are waived, but the % for food, games, and services are not waived and will still be due. Additionally, if you are connecting to festival holding tanks or have power beyond 20 amps (normal 120 service for two outlets), the cost might also be due this year.
Please remember that insurance is required for all vendors, and the Arkansas Renaissance Festival must be listed as an additional insured. This must be provided to the festival no later than seven days before the event.

Location Consultation:

If you are building and have not already met with Patrick on-site to pick a location, that needs to be done ASAP.

Location Deposit:

After your consultation, we will hold your space for two weeks, during which you must pay the $200 deposit. If this has not been paid yet, please email Susan at susan@arrenfest.com to make arrangements to pay for this.

Sketches and Plans:

June 15th -The sketches or plans for the building need to be sent to Patrick at patrick@arrenfest.com. This is the first deadline for the building Reimbursement Program.

Construction Starts:

July 1st – Construction needs to begin.

Construction Ends:

August 1st – Your building needs to be complete, inspected, and approved no later than August 1st.  The reimbursement will be reduced by 10% per day until this is done and will be completely phased out by August 10th.

Other Building Specifics:

We Take Safety Very Seriously.

Any person working in your booth who will be entering with a Vendor Worker ticket will need to have their information submitted by August 15th so a background check can be done. Any employee after this date will need to purchase a ticket as a regular guest, so please be thinking about who will be working with you. We will talk more about this toward the end of July.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome a wide range of products, from handmade crafts and Renaissance-inspired items to clothing, accessories, and unique collectibles. If it fits the Renaissance theme, it’s likely a good fit.

The Festival will be open on the weekends starting August 31st, including the first Monday for Labor Day, and through the end of September.

Start by completing the vendor application form. Our team will review your application and reach out for further discussions.

Arkansas Renaissance Festival has hired a full-service marketing team that will be featuring the Faire on social media as well as Radio, Billboards, TV and Geo Fencing. An Advertising budget has been setup for the 2024 Season Including the Highland Games and Renaissance of $85,000 to ensure we are drawing and reach as many guests as possible.

Being the first time at Dragonstone Springs (in Mt Vernon) we are unsure of the actual foot traffic, but the festival is planning on 5k-10k per day. We have 40 acres for parking. AR REN FEST is Staffing, Preparing, Ordering and Working with what we feel is a conservative Number of 55,000 but sharing with Vendors 40,000

Yes- Dragonstone Springs has 25 Acres of Festival Space and 15 Acres for Camping. This Camping will be for Vendors and Entertainers. Camp in most cases will be primitive without Electric. A place does exist for parking campers but currently we do not have sewer connections for them.

We offer Weekend spots as well as locations for the full season. If things change and you are unable to make a weekend, please notify us as soon as possible vendor@arrenfest.com

We are still laying out the festival space and building daily with a crew of 10+ construction workers daily building on the property. In February a map will be produced showing spots, pricing and sizes that approved Vendors will be able to secure a location they desire. If your product works better in one area over the other, please include this in your application. (example pirate)

Vendors looking to build a Permanent Structure will be evaluated as applications are received and notified generally within 2 weeks of application so construction can begin. As we are at a New Location at Dragonstone Springs priority will be given to those building and investing in the Village. We are offering a Grant up to $2,500 to encourage construction in year one. This comes with additionally waiving the Rental Fee for the 2024 Season.

Simply call 501-690-5770 or email for more details vendor@arrenfest.com

Applications for Vendors were taken on the website. During development not all parts of the application flowed correctly to the portal we simply want to make sure we have all the correct information.

Applications for Vendors were taken on the website. During development not all parts of the application flowed correctly to the portal we simply want to make sure we have all the correct information.

Under no circumstances is any vendor allowed to sell bottled drinks, including water. If the vendor wishes to purchase branded bottles of water from the festival to resell, this can be done, but the price will be the same as what we sell to customers, and it will simply be a convenience item.

Secure Your Booth Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a cherished character in our captivating tale. Join the Arkansas Renaissance Festival as a marketplace merchant and showcase your crafts and wares to a captivated audience.