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Partner with Us to Support Your Cause!

Arkansas Renaissance Festival Non-Profit Partnership Program

We believe in bringing magic to life—not just through our events, but by making a real difference in our community.

Nonprofits are the backbone of our communities, tackling important issues and improving lives. From fighting poverty to protecting the environment, these organizations are doing amazing work and we want to help without adding any extra expense or taking up your time.

Tens of thousands of people are planning to visit the Arkansas Renaissance Festival, and our partnership with non-profit organizations offers you a chance to support your cause with every ticket sale!  

By directing people to your portal, they can buy tickets at regular prices and support your organization at the same time!

How It Works

Personalized Promotion

Once you fill out the application, we'll create a custom ticket link, with a QR code and two social media posts to share on Facebook, Instagram, or wherever your supporters are.

Engage and Fundraise

Your page will have a bio about your organization (provided by you) to connect with visitors. People can buy tickets to the Arkansas Renaissance Festival and donate to your cause through your page.

Earn Through
Ticket Sales

After your first 10 tickets are sold through your special link, you’ll earn 10% of each sale. Once you sell 50 tickets, your share jumps to 20%.

Misio Spea (Mission of Hope)

Misio Spea, also known as Mission of Hope, is dedicated to raising funds through nonprofit concessions to support missionary work both locally and globally. Their mission is to evangelize and provide construction support for missionaries spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By purchasing tickets through our partnership with them, you directly contribute to their cause and help make a difference in communities around the world.

Main Contact Person
Name: Kay Colchasure
Phone: 501-581-5533
Email: 24mmpc@gmail.com

Donations will end on August 20th for this year's festival!

Apply now to start fundraising.